We Dipped, Dunked and Dropped Oreo cookies for these two playful new products

Oreo Stay Playful

We have been fortunate to further our relationship with Oreo and the Martin Agency with this small campaign for two brand spanking new products. Fitting into the Stay Playful tone of voice, we created two spots, one for a new cookies and cream white chocolate bar and one for wait for it… yep, Oreo cookies dipped in fudge!

These quick, bite sized, shareable spots are packed full of technical fun with a playful vibe at the core. We worked closely with the Martin Agency who gave us the time to explore the best possible way to smash, dip, dunk and cover Oreo’s in a variety of chocolatey fluid simulations.


Client: Oreo
Agency: The Martin Agency
Production: Partizan uk
Design & Direction: weareseventeen
Animation: weareseventeen
Audio:& Sound: Rainmaker studios