A brand new set of hyper-realistic animated idents for one of Viasat World's flagship channels

Viasat Nature Idents

Viasat World commissioned us to conceive and produce a series of six new idents for Viasat Nature.

The core concept of the idents is an embodiment of the notion that Viasat Nature brings the wonder of the natural world into the home of the viewers. This theme is translated on-screen with the iconic N of the channel brand acting as a ‘portal’ to bring creatures from their natural habit, into the brand world. Created entirely in C4D, the idents bring to life a variety of wildlife in stunningly realistic environments with the specific animals chosen to cover a wide range of areas of the channels programming.


Client: Viasat World
Agency: weareseventeen
Production: weareseventeen
Music & Sound: Echoic