An evocative and captivating visual identity designed to promote the worlds largest coral restoration program

SHEBA Hope Grows

AMV BBDO selected weareseventeen to technically conceive and creatively develop a compelling visual identity for SHEBA’s new global outdoor, social and online campaign.

At the heart of the identity is an organic growing typeface designed to accurately portray the coral restoration that is now happening in reefs around the world thanks to the initiative.

We proposed an ambitious and fully procedural growth system for the typeface, with each character having its own unique coral composition. Delivering an extensive motion kit has enabled AMV and their partners around the world to create their own bespoke campaign content that feels consistent whatever the region with additional aspects like times of day and density of marine life being infinitely adaptable depending on the message.

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Client: SHEBA
Agency: AMV BBDO
Production: Partizan
Design, Development & Direction: weareseventeen
Animation & Post Production: weareseventeen
Campaign Music: Biggi Hilmars

The Process

The Hope typeface was built procedurally using a bespoke tool we developed. This tool allowed our team to simply drop in the characters and adjust various settings to alter the growth animation, for example, where the coral grows on the character and amounts of individual coral varieties. After a long period of development this allowed us to output all the characters relatively quickly with a consistent look and with all the coral interacting and growing around each other.

In situ and OOH coming soon!