A literal feast for the eyes conceived to get VIZIO's in-store customers salivating

VIZIO Eye Candy

Our second retail demo film for creative studio PARTNER, this time to showcase the vibrant image quality and phenomenal colour of VIZIO’s V-Series range of TV’s in-store.

Again, with the theme of this film being all about colour, this attention grabbing sequence was conceived to show a vibrant broad spectrum in glorious super-tactile 4K detail.


Creative: PARTNER
Direction & Production: weareseventeen

Enchanting Eats

Alongside Eye Candy, we also created an alternate version called Enchanting Eats, this time the candy and sweets were combined with hyper-realistic colourful vegetables in artful and eye-catching scenes.

This version, as well as having a focus on proving the incredible colour properties of the V-Series TV’s, was crafted to show off the pin sharp detail and picture quality of the range.