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An uplifting and powerful global campaign for Swatch Chinese New Year 2021

Swatch Chinese New Year 2021

We kick off 2021 with style and energy for Swatch’s Chinese New Year ‘OX ROCKS Special’. Celebrating the zodiac animal of 2021, The Metal Ox, our film and print campaign boasts the OX ROCKS watch in all it’s glory, with power, brilliance and balance being central themes to our piece.

Showing all over the world from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Amsterdam to London, the campaign is inclusive and exciting to all, but instantly recognisable as a Chinese New Year celebration with nods to century old traditions.

Executed with heart warming, beautifully crafted illustrations and hand drawn animation we tell not only the story of the Ox, but importantly a story of fun, family time and harmony, in a time when these are needed more than ever. A modern twist on traditional Chinese music composed by Travis Hefferen accompanies the campaign.


Client: Swatch
Agency: weareseventeen
Production: weareseventeen
Illustration: Ricardo Bessa
Music & Sound: Travis Hefferen Music