Infinite Horizon

Short Film

The 'Overview Effect' is described as the experience of seeing the earth from a cosmic perspective for the first time. Seen with all its wonderful textures and colours living under a paper thin atmosphere that protect all that lives there from the harshness of space. When seen from this perspective some astronauts undergo a cognitive shift in awareness. This mental change causes human conflicts and man made boundaries to disappear bringing us all together in a singular planetary society, Spaceship Earth.

This has only affected a handful of our brave explorers, all of which have found it difficult to explain what it was they experienced. “Stupefied” by the overwhelming beauty of our planet.

Infinite Horizon is our attempt to visualise a single moment in time, the cognitive change experienced by an astronaut, a moment so profound, so all encompassing and beautiful that words simply won't do.

Our friends at Echoic Audio provided the beautiful, emotive soundtrack.